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ALTAIRA/DUKES OF HILLSBOROUGH:Sometimes you eat the bar, Sometimes the bar eats you
ATREYU:Sometimes Deathgrip on Yesterday
BLEEDING HEARTS:Sometimes Politics and Love, Sex and understanding
THE KILLING GIFTWho Watches the Watchmen?
LEAH CALLAHAN: Even Sleepers
OF MONTREAL: Satanic panic in the Attic
PLOT TO BLOW UP THE EIFFEL TOWER: Love in the Fascist Brothel
REST: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
REUBEN:Racecar is Racecar Backwards
RIFU:Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom!
SEEKONK: For Barbara Lee
SHAI HULUD: A Comprehensive Guide
THE SHOCKER:Sometimes Up your Ass Tray!
SILVERSTEIN:Discovering the Waterfront
SMOKING POPESSmoking Popes at Metro
SUICIDE MACHINES: War Profiteering is Killing Us All
USELESS IDRedemption


Sometimes you eat the bar, Sometimes the Bar Eats You
Attention Deficit Disorder Records
SCORE: 5/5
Time = 46.03

Sometimes you get the cd, sometimes the cd gets you! Apologies for the play on words but that in my opinion is probably best how to describe this. Although both bands play different styles of music (I will try my best for an explanation later!), this cd just flows from stat to finish, with likenesses of lyrical wisdom, start-stop dynamics, soft passages, umbrellad with an overall rocking intensity.
Dukes of Hillsborough get things started off with four fine songs and for those who have already been lucky enough to hear this band, all in their unmistakable punk-induced rock style. My favourite here is Danica McKeller with its easily associable lyrics: Choke down the last chance of ever knowing the full name of a firm acquaintance thru barroom best friend moments.
The second band on this cd, a band which I hold in the highest of respects both lyrically and musically, is Altaira, who offer up 5 new songs, each one an instant classic. Altaira for those of you that may not have of yet heard these guys, are a very refreshing, ever-maturing punk band, to some extent in the same vein as Hot Water Music and Gunmoll, but more accurately speaking, with their own distinct twist on things. Again, like Dukes of Hilsborough there are some super lyrics here: Thats all we have ever known, kick back and moan in song just to live our lives and to roam and search for all the things we wish for.
Both these bands are an inspiration to the true essence of punk rock, or just decent uncontrived music. Lend your ears to this and hopefully you will see what I mean!


Deathgrip on Yesterday

Atreyu are one of those bands that keep getting better and better, smarter and more structured. This release is an expansion of their sound, you know, emocore in essence but so much more so when you strip things down, so much so in fact it makes them a difficult band to categorise! These guys have for one thing mastered energetic melody, their riffs are superb and the songs really go places taking the listener with them. I could go and on and on but I’d only be wasting listening time for this beauty of a release. No doubt one of the best albums that will be released this year!!! Just get it!!!

Politics and Love, Sex and Understanding

You know, I really like these guys! They are masters of their own sound which is something certainly worth attempting to describe. Essentially a rock band with well intelligent and inspiring lyrics, the style ranges from quality rock anthems to beautiful folkish ballads, with raw vocals, violins and guitars, they truly have defined their own style, and the rhythm section just gels it all together quite well. I really like this stuff, its warming and inviting and grows on you more and more with every listen, the songs really get into your head and don’t wanna leave! Would really like to see, and would even dare to say, expect, great things for this band. Keep rockin guys!!!

On Becoming A Person
Immigrant Sun Records
SCORE: 5/5
Time = 46.03

Did you ever hear of one of those bands that you would really like if it were not for those crappy melodic instrumental parts, or one of those bands that have some great technical ability but just play really heavy riffs (which can oft happen to be boring) just to be categorized as a heavy band? Well, this cd is neither, ...On Becoming a Person is where it all comes together perfectly; basically this is the cd you have always wanted to hear, without the aforementioned discrepancies. Mixing amazing technicalities with a range of vocal style, COS have the ability to fully engage the listener with a powerful, perfectly rationed mix of energy, melody and style, all pulled off with unrivalled conviction. Anyone into technical hardcore/metal/emocore (with melodic parts); you have been warned, COS are about to become your new favourite band!

Undoing Ruin
Victory Records
Time =

I have had this record a while now and would have gotten around to doing an interview sooner only that this album is so class it deserves your full attention and as such I can barely even now drag myself away from it in order to write this review! This album, Undoing Ruin, their third full length on Victory Records, is a metal/hardcore classic, hands down. Lyrically, melodically and technically the best they have released so far, it can only be the album that truly gets them the exposure they deserve. It is certainly a departure of sorts from earlier albums, but still maintains the classic Darkest Hour signature. It is faster but yet more melodic, darker and yet more appealing, and I cannot see any long term fans of the band not digging this. I don’t know if many of you reading this actually writes lyrics or poetry or whatnot, but you should just see hear some of the lyrics; it really is heart on sleeve and transgresses all borders. I really like one line from the song This Will Outlive Us; My hell is a blank piece of paper staring back at me, my hell is wasted potential haunting me! These guys should definitely be proud of this album, and for a band that tours so much and works so hard, lets hope this album serves them well! If you are new to them, this is certainly a good album to start on, and just think of the likes of, well, that’s just it, I cant, they genuinely do their own thing! But since I gotta try and at least give some cross reference think Black Dahlia Murder, Hamartia, As Hope Dies, All That remains, etc. Enough of me: Go Buy!!!!


SCORE: 4/5
Time = 32.26

A couple of years ago I would have loved this but I guess im after growing out of your typical poppunk. Still though, just coz it doesnt do it for me does not mean Im gonna give it a crappy review coz I just know that a lot of you out there reading would absolutely love this album. What we have here is basic poppunk, the type that you hear all the time on Keraang and MTV2 and all that. If you like bands like MXPX and Blink 182 this is definitely for you. Its really melodic and there are some very nice moments as well as enough rocking intensity. Its not too different from all the pop punk ive heard before but these guys add something new, and the accents are pretty cool (Yes, these guys are Portuguese!). I will put it to you this way, this is probably one of the best pop punk bands from Europe and because of there range of songs and great melodies, perhaps in the world. This album was recorded by Pelle Saether who does loads of bands on Burning Heart, i.e. Millencollin, Satanic Surfers, etc. and the quality is superb. So if you are looking for straight up punk rock, portuguese style, this is for you!

No Idea Records
Time =

This has got to be one of the most abusive, charged up, socio-political hardcore punk albums of our time! An album the forefathers of punk/hardcore would be proud of! Lyrically apt, purposefully raw, this album walks a fine line between many different genres (see punk, metal, hardcore, screamo, and perhaps even some crust!) with a fine portion of melody weaved throughout what would otherwise be a discordant endeavour. It has been a long while since I have heard so much passion in music, and even longer since I have heard such meaningful well thought out lyrics. In fact, it seems you cant have one without the other and that’s what makes this album so full flavoured and appetising. In terms of comparisions, hmm, I don’t know, but it reminds me of the type of punk that would be played by such bands as Pg99 and Majority Rule, i.e. the real good stuff! Pick it up, and enjoy!!!

We Like it Wild
Secretly Canadian RECORDS

SCORE: 4/5
Time = 41.36

This band has got to be described as a beautiful instrumentally weaved band. Although a very mellow band, they have a full sound in places which surprised me at times (for the better that is!) This album is quite relaxing to listen to and the lyrics are well written and meaningful and suit the music very well. Not a sound that everyone would enjoy but it puts a smile on my face to hear music today that you know would have gone done nicely in another era. These guys definitely would have been perfect in the 1970s. Okay, you may say Hey, thats been done before and maybe it has but it just goes to show that nearly 40 years later someone is still doing it and doing it in my opinion, a lot better. Now that cant be bad can it.

Wide Eyed
Victory Records
Time =

When I first listened to this I was saying to myself, oh no, not another typical, run of the mill, feckin emo band. Sure it was poppy and catchy in places, but it just didn’t have that essence which sets other emo bands apart or above that ever so common sound these days. Well, just as well, I always give everything a good go, and after listening to this album a second time, I found myself listening to it a third time, and then a fourth and im currently listening to it writing this review! The melodies have a tendency to grow on you but as ive just mentioned, what sets this band apart from others, (and this they do, read on to find out!) is their ability to write some nice and simple sounding songs, laced with unbelievable off beat riffs, changing dynamics and exciting technicalities that as far as im aware, hasn’t existed in this genre of music for a considerable amount of time. Thing is though, you have to be a true fan of music to appreciate what these guys do, I dunno, but try writing a song as catchy as they do with half the amount of technicalities thrown in and you still probably wouldn’t come close. This band seems to be as being a bridge between your typical radio, MTV type emo and the somewhat underworld of mathrock coz no rock band you ever hear on the radio will sound this technical. This record has the potential of opening up another musical sphere to listeners and newcomers alike. Definitely worth getting your hands on! !


SCORE: 4/5
Time = 46.03

An enjoyable album to say the least; Who Watches the Watchmen? is a warming mixture of pleasantly straight-forward emo and post hardcore, sure to please many types of music fans with its terrific melodies and powerful guitar sound. While some of the tracks on this dont have me reaching for the repeat button, there are enough quality songs to give this album a very welcome reception in my cd collection. The classics here are 2,3,5,6,8, and come to think of it; since that is half the album this is definitely a good purchase. Did I mention also that this band has a female vocalist who succeeds famously in adding to the melodic current running through the album?! To be honest I found it quite refreshing to hear a female vocalist, in what some would categorize as a male dominated genre. In conclusion, this is worth getting your hands on and I would not be at all surprised if THE KILLING GIFT won fans all over!!


SCORE: 5/5
Time = 46.03

I have never ever and I mean never heard anything like this before and that is always and I mean always a good thing! Oh, where do I start trying to describe this album? Leah Callahan is fresh, she has a great voice and a terrific ensemble of background music. This is really stripped down music, I could just picture myself going to some strange European city at 4 o clock at night and walking into some smokey club hearing something like this (Ireland exempt due to this fuckin smoking ban!). It is just so unusual and is more than likely nothing you would ever hear on commercial radio (and oh how it is something that should!). Of course the great music is never heard on radio, the best music is always hard to come by and I consider myself privileged to have gotten a copy of this. This album is for the real music lover, the person who loves being encapsulated by compelling lyrics, sung with a stunning voice, gently complimented by an array of musical instruments with an overall lounging feeling. Perfect for a lazy afternoon. I will be having plenty more of them if continue listening to this album every second chance I get.


SCORE: 5/5
Time = 53.49

I had heard these guys just once before when I saw them play one song on the Michagan Fest DVD. These guys actually really impressed me then and this album is no exception. They have encapsulated on this album, everything I liked about seeing them during that one song; passion, melody, sincerity and beauty. That song was called Thank You Birds and I was delighted to find it on this album. It really is a terrific song. The title and first line have been lifted from a poem, written by Tyler Blakeslee. With regard the lyrical content of the rest of the album, unfortunately Leaving Rouge only include lyrics for one song. However, this one song (You Could Be My Knife) is also nothing short of poetry. In fact, this whole album flows like poetry. If I had to categorize this band I guess I would describe them as indierock/emo. I cant think of who they would sound like at the top of my head, and thats usually a good thing coz it means a band are quite fresh and innovative. Overall a terrific album and if my opinion counts for anything, I highly recommend it!

Side One Dummy
SCORE: 5/5
Time =

Well what can I say?! These guys just keep on doing it time after time after time! How can any band constantly suck so much?!!! Hehe, only messing! This album, like most of MXPX’s stuff rocks!! A much more mature effort than previous releases whilst still retaining their own pop tinged punk style. Fair dues to them is all I can say. Well what we have on here are is 14 handsome new songs, one in fact with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus singing along. The sound is MXPX, but they bring in some good style rock and roll and emo for more of a wholesome sound. Lyrically, there have been huge improvements and I must say, its great to hear a band that’s going as long as MXPX while still managing to retain a certain energy that pulsates through their music no matter what the tempo. If you like your Blink 182’s, Social Distortions and Millencollins; this is definitely for you.

Polyvinyl Records
SCORE: 5/5
Time = 46.03

Got this album in the post a few days ago, not quite knowing just what to expect. Well, I threw it on, heard like the first two minutes and started laughing! What the heck is this I was thinking to myself; but still I was unable to switch it off; so on came the second song (gotta love the choir segment by the way!), then the third, fourth, then fifth and before I knew it I had listened to all 14 songs! In retrospect I guess I started laughing as a simple reaction to something different; like seeing a self proclaimed metaller with a Mohawk or a boot boy with an afro! Thing is though, when you think about it, it aint really that funny and who knows, you might even respect that person for whatever image they go for. Well, I think that is exactly what Of Montreal do and deserve. I was expecting some form of emo but Of Montreal are pop music, plain and simple. Sorry, did I just say plain and simple? There is nothing plain and simple bout these guys (well in parts) but to be honest, simple is a concept these guys would have difficulty in understanding! What we have here is a masterpiece of an album full of super-enjoyable ditties, complex arrangements seething with melodic tones coupled with an inevitable overwhelming sense of passion and love for music and melody. Every song on this release is a legend, I honestly cannot for the love of me decide which song is my favourite and I also cannot stop listening to this! Musically this is essentially, and you may laugh, but here comes the metaphor: The Beach Boys in bed with the Kinks with the Beatles taking the photos!!! Of Montreal could even go solo, they certainly have enough tricks up their sleeve! Anyway, sorry bout the long winded review but let me just let you in on something, this album has a timeless quality about it. Mark my words, get a copy of this and you will be listening to it for years to come!!

Love in the Fascist Brothel
Revelation Records

Hmmmm, is what I say to this piece of work. Not what I was expecting but when is that ever really a bad thing?! These guys mix good dynamics, great rock and roll type riffs, great basslines and Blood Brother style vocals. In fact the Blood Brothers would be a good reference point for these guys, but with more of a DC Sound as well as a bit of Dance Punk thrown in for good measure. 10 songs is what you get here, with strange lyrics about Concentration Camps, lipstick and sex; quite disturbing really!! A bit too eclectic for me, but if your looking for hearing something a bit off the beaten path, these guys would like to walk you there!!!

The Early Hours

Drawing to some extent on Suzanne Vega’s earlier more upbeat stuff, this is truly a release worth getting your hands on. At times there are certainly elements of folk here, perhaps also regarding the lyrical content, but more so this release represents to me, a more pop lounge/jazz type recording, and Rebecca’s Jazz trained voice certainly helps in this regard! The last few songs on this cd are simply amazing. Powerful vocals, powerful melodies all very nicely sewn together with more than able musicians, helps create a sort of timeless sound, always a winner. This type of music is somewhat new to me, but like anyone really into music one can always appreciate that which is good, im just quite content that this recording is so accessible, so relevant and so entertaining. Really looking forward to hearing more from this artist, and after reading this I hope your looking forward to picking this release up! Its quite a treat!!!

Burning in Water, Drowning In Flame
SCORE: 5/5

REST are one of those bands that inevitably have one of two repercussions. 1) They inspire you to pick up an instrument and let the creativity flow or 2) influence you to just not even bother as no matter how hard you try, how creative you may be, nothing as creative as this album will ever transgress from brain to sound. I could just leave it at that, but I guess writing reviews means an in-depth all-encompassing analysis of a band. Well, ok, firstly lets just say that musically, think of the like of MOGWAI and GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! And you get some idea of what these Corkonians are about. One thing I will mention though about REST is that one couldnt really listen to them in short blasts. It would be like going to the flicks whilst watching the film more sporadically than anything else, in other words missing the essence of it all. So like any good film, REST demand your attention from start to finish, draws you in and will not let you go. Ok, so im blabbering but lets just say the repeat button on your stereo was created for this album.

Racecar is Racecar Backwards
Xtra Mile Recordings
SCORE: 5/5

If I had to choose an alarm sound to wake me up in the morning, it would definitely be the sound of Reuben. A real eye opener! This band who are from the U.K are very energetic and have a mixture of sounds from mild hardcore, to grunge, to even a couple of mellow sounding riffs which are creatively put together. These sounds are not just found in individual songs, oh no, all these sounds can be found in one song alone! These guys blend together superbly instrument wise complete with some off beat drumming which I must say is my favourite and a changeable lead vocal suited to all the styles used. It makes you wonder, Is this the same guy singing?! I really enjoyed this album and I am certainly looking forward to the next and more.


Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom!
Go Kart

Oh man, this is good shit. Remember bands like Refused, Abhinanda, you know, quality, passionate and raw punk/hardcore? These guys from Norway combine that ever so beautiful Scandinavian Hardcore sound and mix it up with their American counterparts, such as early Every Time I Die and late 90’s in your face hardcore punk such as Manner Farm and I Spy. Rifu, certainly a socio/political band have empowered vocals with raging guitars and a drummer that’s trying to beat the message into you! There are certainly old school aspects to their sound and that is something certainly favourably viewed, if only more bands played this type of hardcore. This album is refreshing and thought provoking:- Rifu give hardcore punk a promising future!

SCORE: 5/5
Time = 46.03

Another truly wonderful release from Kimchee Records. For Barbara Lee is the most recent release, written by a band with an unusual name one could say: Seekonk. Well, this album is quite unusual and is certainly one that makes you really sit down and appreciate all that is going on. A host of instruments has been used on this album and the end result is an atmospheric, delightful piece of music. The reason I call this a piece of music is that it flows together ever so well and for me, it would be quite difficult to listen to just a few tracks here and there. This album tells a story, and that requires full attention. Like any good story, this album really draws you in and touches your heart. Musically these guys and girl sound a bit like The Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Ida, etc. However, having that said, they are quite original. Well, they are the only band Ive heard of that have used a bowed amplified birdcage in their music! Barbara Lee, whoever you are, you are lucky to have an album of this caliber written in your name!

A Comprehensive Guide
Revelation Records

This has gotta be one of the best demos you will ever hear! Just a shame its from a band that I would have so much time for, and, yet unfortunately have recently disbanded! Isnt that just a killer?! Well, the band is Shai Hulud and this, their last release, includes their demo, some live recordings on Crucial Chaos @ NYU plus a load of dodgy sounding songs recorded on tape decks and 4 tracks and what not! Its amazing getting such an insightful look at the early days of the band, complete with liner notes and their usual quirky stuff! The music is great, I think I would only embarrass you and myself if I had to try to pigeon hole their sound and say who they sound like. What I will say is that they are one of the best hardcore bands you will ever hear! A must have for any true fan, and you know what, such is the quality of some of the songs on here that you could even start with this recording and want to, in a heart beat, check out their other stuff!!!


Up your Ass Tray “The Full Length”
Go Kart

Pissed off female vocals, catchy riffs and that ever so popular laid back LA rock sound. This album is surely gonna be a favourite with all L7 fans, and I can certainly see the shocker turning some heads. A little bit boorish for me, but that is not to say that they are well equipped in all the right places for the style they play! The songs are catchy and reminiscent of that early 90’s garage type rock with even some older retro stuff thrown in for good measure. If your into L7 and the kinda stuff Ive just mentioned, pick this up! This album will take you back!

Discovering the Waterfront
Victory Records

What a great album, totally different to what I was expecting! To be honest I had heard one or two songs by these guys before and wasn’t really all that impressed by them. You know, your typical run of the mill emo/emocore reminiscent of oh too many similar sounding bands today (I’ll mention no names!!). However, this album finds a very welcome spot in my collection, as one can never get enough of well thought out, well determined emo/emocore, that pulls out all the tricks and styles so vital to this sound. It is oh so obvious that a lot of thought has gone into these songs, ranging from the soft and mellow, to the full blown festive assault on her aural senses! Silverstein is a band that will not only go places but has the potential to lead the way! Definitely looking forward to their next release and definitely a band I would recommend for all those worn out from boring mundane mtv-emocore, in search of a band that sticks out in a very saturated genre.


Smoking Popes live at the Metro

I think I had heard a song from these guys way back when, thought it to be pretty good and decided to pick up an album of theirs at some stage. Well, despite such good intentions, it kept slipping to the back of my mind until it was forgotten – that is until now!!! Their latest release (comes with a DVD too!) is absolutely an instant favourite of mine, presumably a greatest hits of sorts done live by the Smoking Popes. The quality is great for a live album, but what makes this release so great is the quality of the songs!! The Smoking Popes play a pop/emo style of rock and are amongst the best in the genre. Brilliant riffs, heartening vocals and an overall ability to do some serious rockin will put Smoking Popoes right up there amongst your favourites. For fans of Weezer, Bayside and Superchunk.

Often Lie
Jade Tree Records

Ah yes, this is what I like to hear, and let me tell you its been a while. Statistics, technically, don’t bring anything new to the emo/rock scene, however, they do provide for a most refreshing rehash of early/mid 90s emo (see Sunny Day Real Estate, some jawbreaker) and couple it with more of a modern emo tinged indie feel (see some weezer and some Brandtson). Lyrically apt, technically pleasing and well written simple songs, sincerity through music hasn’t sounded this good in a long time. And no doubt, as such it will have you upon listening rekindled with meaningful heartfelt music unlike more and more bands coming out these days that are an insult to the term generic! There are also some nice electronics thrown in here for good measure too, providing a great mix of a album, so statistically, Statistics are one of the best emo/eock/indie bands you will hear in a long time! Enjoy!


Keasbey Nights

Keasbey Nights is a super album and without a doubt my favourite ska punk release ever. I dunno what to think of the somewhat re-release of this album 8 or so years later though! I mean as I said, every song is a serious classic, but this release is somewhat lacking for me. Go figure, I know! The brass section sounds somewhat different as does the bass and drums, in fact everything really. However, this release should not be about comparing albums. All I can say is that this release is so worth getting your hands on, iregardless whether by Catch 22 or in this instance Streetlight Manifesto who by the way features the former original front man of Catch 22 amongst others! This is because every song really is a masterpiece. I think it would be interesting to have heard this recent album first before Catch 22’s version. Anyway, either which way, this is a classic to revel in so go buy it!!!

War Profiteering is Killing Us All
Side One Dummy Records

Christmas has come early, Ho ho ho ho ho!!!!! This is the album that Santa Claus should be giving to all the kids this year! Why you may ask? Well, if there is any essential album to get these days, this is it. This is what we have all been waiting for, irrespective of what genre, etc. you generally may swear by, this album has got it all, serious mass (read MASS) appeal!!! It strikes me as being a lovely blend of ska, hardcore, punk, and just good quality rock; in other words, Op Ivy and Avail in bed together!!!!! Thought provoking lyrics coupled with anthemic passionate songs, the Suicide Machines are back with a release to conquer all! Lesser bands hang your heads in shame and bear witness to true, passionate punk! Best album I have heard in a long while!!!!!

Kung Fu Records

What a record! Very very surprising to say the least. I saw these guys about 4 or 5 years ago in Dublin, Ireland, supporting Frenzal Rhomb (Fat Wreck) and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed so when I got this cd I wasn’t expecting much, you know, your typical run of the mill pop punk. Well let me tell you something, this album goes far beyond the run of the mill and would give even today’s headlining poppunk bands a run for their money. For what we have here is an instant classic, charged with punk rock emotion, melody and style, at times bordering on hardcore and at times bordering on emo, whilst retaining all that is good and jumping on all that is not. There really are some great passages of music here, and I truly believe every song has its place on this album. If you pick it up I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! It will restore your faith in poppunk!